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10:05pm 11/03/2016
  LiveJournal, it's been a minute, but the time has come.

Where do we begin again?
Sound? Err....what...? Errrr....   
09:13pm 15/07/2006

add it! i hate this one now :(
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03:07pm 14/07/2006
mood: bug free
My back and Sean's front have cameos in a feature on my favorite band ever! Awesome!

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10:16pm 12/07/2006
  I'm fucking surging with happiness.

This is the best news ever.
12:31am 10/07/2006

(I won't lie, they were really good.)
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bridget watches t.v. sometimes   
02:19pm 05/07/2006
  Weeds is honestly one of the best shows on television. If you have cable with OnDemand with "Premium Channels>SHO>SHO Series" subscribed, you should go watch it riiight now. It will be as good an investment of time as television can dispense!  
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"whatever it takes, i know i can make it through"   
11:13pm 02/07/2006
mood: peaceful in the face of danger
This summer has been ridiculously intense and it's only been like 8 or 9 days.. 8 or 9 days of unbridled intensity.
Like Degrassi, we already "went there". If you can think of a situation in a high school drama, think carefully to yourself and you'll realize that it has happened during this past week, and that you were probably there.
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here's a story:   
10:56pm 26/06/2006
mood: woman roaring
I'm pretty sure I just ate a spider or its house, because I looked up from this muffin that I'd been cramming into my face, and there was a spiderweb trailing straight from my mouth and back to the muffin. It's a carrot muffin, and now I'm listening to the Goo Goo Dolls. They were better when they were a one hit wonder, because it was a very fantastic hit. Anyways, stay cool, team. I am rooting for you.

I wish I could rotate my text 90 degrees clockwise. :/ /:
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lightning and thunder   
10:10am 26/06/2006
Summer Storms are Very Frightening!
hi i have no taste this week i'm sorry   
07:12pm 20/06/2006
  List nine songs you're into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions on your lj along with your seven songs. Then tag eight other people to see what they're listening to.

i journey: don't stop believin'
ii polaris: hey sandy (i've been falling in love with pete and pete this w33k via the internet.)
iii mirah: cold, cold water
iv hello astronaut, goodby television: bottom of the ocean
v alice in chains: down in a hole
vi ponies in the surf: death of a librarian
vii the cure: disintegration
viii explosions in the sky: your hand in mine
ix k.k. slider: two days ago (don't knock it 'til you've tried it.)

[note: i do not "dig" james blunt's "you're beautiful", i just live it. there is a subtle, subtle difference.]


1. stoptime_
2. sixlittleskins
3. killertrex
4. sexyalligator
5. rebeltastic
6. sabrina_says
7. feign_lucidity
8. lizmiz
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fauxlaroidz more like hemhorroidZ!   
07:01pm 19/06/2006
mood: self-aware, i promise.

six hours of rejectionCollapse )
You do not even know what to say! You are, in fact, lost for words..and "dumbstruck", as the old fogeys used to say in the golden days..those golden days. When coca cola still lived up to its name, and the sidewalks were paved with diamonds.
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The Tried and True Breakfast of Champions..   
11:54am 17/06/2006

^^^^^I thought it was cool but it just looks depressing now. :(
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10:41pm 14/06/2006
  "Keep your howls of glory in check."


"I said, 'Keep your triumphant shouts inside careful confinement of the czech republic's barriers.'"

"Oh, I understand. Will do. What about wails? Moans? Pains? Defeat? Where should I leave them?"

"I don't know, wash that shit off. Jesus. You are tracking it into the house. My house."

"Sorry, dude."

"It's cool, kick off yr shoes and let's go watch some television."


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08:20pm 12/06/2006
  i have isolated what is quite possibly the worst music video ever in a petri dish for your personal viewing, because everybody loves the motherfucking ART FORM that is cynicism.

Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_______________________________^
tell me all your thoughts on this masterwork once you finish. i am lonely. :'(
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04:03pm 04/06/2006
mood: hot
The Fan(x2) Club

The Fan(x2) Club yeehaw

The Fan(x2) Club
The Fan(x2) Club
The Fan(x2) Club
The Fan(x2) Club
The Fan(x2) Club
The Fan(x2) ClubThe Fan(x2) aesthetics they are good fun...!

...and there is always more, no matter whaaat you do
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11:40am 27/05/2006
  UGH, listening to advantage lucy in spring is pretty much the best experience anyone can have. I'm overcome with happy!

(Last spring I would def. listen to them in class and have to resist smiling.)

Oh, how the times change! For example, this year I have The Golden Hours, too.

I think I'm going to make a compilation of REALLY REALLY CUTE SPRING BANDS. Would anyone like a copy, if it actually...happens?
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09:18pm 21/05/2006
  Cup of coffee #2
Red Bull #1 out of 4

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04:00pm 15/05/2006
mood: excited
So, I'm getting a new laptop because Microsoft Word crashes this one, (Alas, being really cool looking can't make up for this computer having only 32MB of memory) and my lifestyle (perpetual disruption) requires a portable computer. ...And because they're cool. So fucking cool. SO FUCKING COOL! But I'm torn. Dig?

I can either pick myself up an iBook (....ohhh, childhood dreams and failed 6th grade determination.) or this one toshiba lappyguy with a fucking gig of memory, two processors, and 100GB of hard drive space. (Toshibas are reputable. I have to say "Toshiba" instead of "Windows" so you know I'm not hitting up some shitty piece of shit like a Dell. What shitty pieces of shit.)

VISUALS, K.Collapse )

I know Macs can use windows software these days (AND SONIC IS ON THE NINTENDO. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?) and that's quite invigorating, but I don't know if they can use DOSwares even so, and that's reeeealllllyyy important to me. Like, vital. Years upon years of cheap shit has made me rly dependent on old shit.

SO! Help me out here. I don't want to make a fifteenhundreddollar mistake. I don't even know where the money is coming from. Probably from food funding. :(

Poll #729556 lappy!

pick and click.


why? (because your predilection for apple is probably invalid.)

PRETTY FUCKING COOL. Most of my dilemmas are sooo much less cool than this.
They're all about, like, other people crying and stuff.
Imagine being able to use YouTube. Or iTunes... Just like all the other kids.
...ohhh the possibilities. :)

I admit that for some weird reason I am really leaning towards the Toshiba.
10:00pm 13/05/2006
  "man, i have feelings, i can totally relate to this!"  
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10:12pm 12/05/2006
mood: books
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